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Be Aware of Household Eye Safety This September


In recognition of Home and Sports Eye Safety Month, we're going to highlight ways to keep your home safe for your eyes particularly for children. Don't wait until it's too late to make sure your home environment doesn't pose any series dangers to your children's eyes.

Generally, kids enter the world with an partially developed optical system that develops as they get mature. In the beginning, infants can view an object only very close. A child's optical structure is continuously stimulated as the individual progresses. Toys can be one of the easiest ways to stimulate kid's vision. Nevertheless, it's important to consider that a lot of childhood accidents occur in the house, many with games and toys.

How can you avoid compromising your children's sight? There are many steps you can take when choosing toys and games for the home that are safe for your child's eyes.

Firstly, make sure long-handled playthings – such as a pony stick- have rounded edges, and closely watch youngsters under two with such toys. While building blocks pose little danger for almost all ages, it's important to check that the sides are not sharp, in order to reduce the risk of eye accidents. It's a good idea to avoid shooting toys, such as slingshots or dart guns. In an instance where this is not possible, then use of these toys should only be used when accompanied by a responsible adult. When allowing older children to play with chemicals or tools, make sure to provide him with protective glasses.

Toys are far from the only possible threat in the household. Sharp corners on tables are right at eye level for small children and can often cause severe injury. Chemicals that are not stored properly are a further source of danger for children and must be kept out of reach or behind a locked cabinet at all times.

Yes, children's toys can occasionally be dangerous, but let's not overlook all of the benefits they offer. There are a number of toys customized for specific stages that offer amazing ways to advance visual development. When selecting toys for kids, go for those that emphasize hand-eye coordination and will help children to understand spatial relationships. It can also be a good idea to look on the Internet before making a purchase. This way you can do your best to make sure your purchase will protect your children and will enrich their optical development at the same time!