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This month we recognize national Sports Eye Safety Month

As the spring comes, along with often nicer weather, comes an increase in the prevalence of sports related eye injuries. Every season, many people, both young and old incur sports related eye injuries that could be prevented with suitable safety measures. Wearing proper eye protection while participating in sports is essential particularly in high-impact sports or those that expose you to the sun's rays such as basketball, softball, lacrosse, squash, boxing, water polo, or golf.

You can prevent the majority of sports eye accidents by investing in the proper protective eyewear best suited for the sport you might be participating in. The right eyewear will keep you safe from injury and will often also have additional protection to minimize your exposure to harmful ultra-violet light for outdoor activities. This sort of eye wear is designed to withstand frequently occurring accidents. Everyday glasses usually don't meet the minimum requirements for preventing impact, meaning that even just a minor collision can become an actual sight-threatening injury.

Sports vision is more than just using the correct eyewear. Your vision is an important part of how well you perform, so it's vital to have strong vision. For those who already need glasses, you might need protective sports glasses or goggles that have a prescription that will also help to correct your vision. If you wear contact lenses, you may need a different lens than the ones you use everyday. Speak to your optometrist regarding the choices available to you.

Each sport has different needs and risks, so it's important to allow your eye care professional to identify your unique needs and provide the right glasses or lenses that best fit your vision. This will help you gain the winning edge that'll help you excel and have fun and be safe when you play sports.

Different sports include differing needs and risks, so let your optometrist assess your specific needs and suggest the right glasses or lenses that best fit your eyesight needs. This will only help you give you the boost you need to succeed and have fun safely.

Enjoying sports and exercise is an important part of a positive lifestyle. Nevertheless remember never to overlook the safety of your eyes and vision. Taking these extra steps will only let you enjoy more years of enjoying sports and healthy vision.