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Keeping Your Contacts

Have there been times when you've left your soft contact lenses in for just a bit too long? Everyone knows that generally, things are just plain better when they're new. The same idea applies to your contact lenses. It's not a good idea to keep your contacts in your eyes for any more time than you've been advised to. Even though it might not seem so bad to use them just one more time, if you care about your eyes, adhere to the wearing and changing regime given to you by your optometrist. In other words, if you're told to wear a new pair every two weeks, then change them every two weeks, because they're not made to withstand reuse.

A lot of people think to themselves, can't I get a couple additional wears out of them? To answer this, let's examine protein – not the dietary kind, but the natural protein in your eyes that gradually accumulates on the surface of your lenses which forms a mild haze. Foggy vision is just the start.

If this continues, these proteins evolve and confuse your immune system, which begins to think that the buildup is a foreign particle, and the body's reaction can be expressed as eye irritation, itching and redness. And this means that a toll is taken on your vision. Even when you do all you can to take good care of your contact lenses, sooner or later they'll become less clear and smooth, which is the result of normal wear and tear.

The best thing to do is stick to the schedule your optometrist advises for you. Everyone's eyes are unique, so only your optometrist should decide on the right contact lens replacement schedule for you. If you replace your lenses when you're told to, you will never even recognize the difference that becomes quickly apparent when you use them longer than you're supposed to.